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Sell Your Dolls
Last Updated: 6/14/2011

If you are interested in selling your dolls to us, please read the information below and then email DollMaster@NancyAnnDolls.com with any questions or to start the process.  We deal exclusively in Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, and predominantly the bisque type.  We will likely not be interested in buying the sleepy-eye plastic type.  We also do not buy Muffies, Debbies, Style Show dolls, Little Miss Nancy Anns, or other non-Nancy Ann dolls.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently only buying BISQUE Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls with JOINTED LEGS.  We are not buying any "frozen leg" dolls, with the possible exception of if there are a few included with a collection of jointed leg dolls.  (Note that "frozen leg" refers to dolls where the head, body, and legs are all one piece.  "Jointed leg" refers to dolls with legs that move at the hip.)

The following information is helpful when you are selling your dolls to us.  Please see the Identifying Nancy Ann Dolls page for additional information regarding these characteristics:

  • Doll name/number, if known
  • Body composition: Is the doll bisque, painted-eye plastic, or sleepy-eye plastic?
  • Body style: Does the doll have jointed or frozen legs, a socket head, or a pudgy tummy (if you know how to tell)?
  • Tags:  Does the doll have a wrist tag or a sticker on the clothes?
  • Shoes:  Does the doll have anything other than the standard black slippers?  Does she have "molded socks"?
  • Box:  Does the doll come with a labeled box, brochure, and/or cardboard restraints?  What is the condition?
  • Condition:  Are there any chips, paint flakes or crazing on the dolls body?  (Look closely at the face and the feet.)  Are the clothes stained, faded, dusty, or have age spots?  Is anything missing, such as pantaloons or a headpiece (if you know)?
  • Picture:  This is the best thing that you could send, and, if you have a good clear picture you may start with emailing this rather than sending the information above to save yourself time.  (Note that we may eventually need some more details, however.)  If you prefer to "snail mail" pictures, please ask us for our address.
  • Price indication.  Please keep in mind that, in most cases, we will be reselling your doll so we likely can't pay the same price you are seeing in an antique store or price guide.
We will consider many dolls for purchase.  However, these Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls are particularly interesting to us at this time:
  • All dolls with molded socks or Judy Ann, Japan, or America markings.
  • Topsy (molded sock/molded bang version)
  • Gerda & Kay
  • Around the World Series
  • Sailing
  • I Have a Little Pet
  • Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Clown
  • Spring (molded sock version)
  • Rose Red
Thank you for your interest in selling your dolls via www.NancyAnnDolls.com!  Contact us with any questions.




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